Red Targets Exploding Targets

Red Targets Exploding Targets – The Overview

While we all have our differences, whether it becomes a question of religion, politics, or even how daily life should be led, there is something on which most of us can agree on, despite our convictions: blowing things up is a lot of fun.

In order to allow us to unleash our inner Rambo, there are various companies which have started to manufacture exploding targets, and we’re not talking about some small and superficial explosion. Needless to say, if you plan on using them just make sure you are in a safe place to do so, and second take the necessary precautions so as to not put yourself or anyone else in danger, which mainly comes in the form of flying debris.

In any case, with all the companies out there it can become somewhat hard to choose just one, especially considering that you need a high-quality product; after all, you are going to be playing with an exploding target. While it goes without saying that there are many companies which have a very respectable line of products, one of the most renowned selections in this industry is the Red Target exploding targets.

In the Red Targets Exploding Targets Selection

Take a moment to visit our friends over at Red Targets, you will notice that they have two types of targets available for selection: low and high-velocity Red Target exploding targets. The latter is what you want as high-velocity targets is basically another way of saying exploding targets. In that category, they have six selections:

If you are only starting your venture into the world of In the Red Target exploding targets, then you should check out their Beginner Trial Pack which includes 2 half pound, 2 pound and 2 two-pound targets in order to allow to see which one you like best. Comes at a price of $39.95.

Shooters Specialty Pack which includes 5 half-pound binary targets as well as 5 one pound binary targets. It comes at a price of $44.95.Made for those geared towards some heavy-duty annihilation, the 10 Pounders and 10 Two Pounders package includes exactly what it says it does, with 10 one pound and two pound binary targets, for a total of 20. It comes at a price of $144.95.

Next up is the 10 Pounders and 10 Half Pounders pack, and once again everything is the name as the pack includes 20 targets, 10 of which are pounders with the other 10 being half pounders. Priced at $89.95.

For those of you who want their explosions to leave a mark without spending too much money at the same time, there is the Mega Range Pack, featuring 5 one pounders and 5 two-pounder packs, coming at a price of $69.95.

Finally, there is the 15 Count Trial Pack which basically features 5 targets of each weight (half-pound, pound and two-pound), priced at $89.95.

As you can see, there are more than enough In the Red Target exploding targets to choose from, so go out there and have fun blowing things up as any American action hero would.

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