Tannerite Exploding Targets

Let’s face it, if you are an expert marksman or simply enjoy target shooting, using plain old targets can get boring after a while. The newest and most exciting form of target shooting today involves the use of exploding targets. Exploding targets come in many forms and from many manufacturers, but the best targets out there are Tannerite exploding targets. Tannerite exploding targets provide a unique target shooting experience that enhances the experience of the shooter.

Tannerite exploding targets are becoming a popular alternative to targets made with black powder for two reasons. The first reason is that Tannerite is a binary explosive, meaning that it takes two powders combined to make an explosion. This makes Tannerite about a thousand times safer than black powder. Secondly, black powder is extremely messy and has a limited shelf life. Luckily, Tannerite is a totally legal explosive due to its non-volatile nature. In general, using binary explosives for targets is quite safe when done properly.

There are many ways that people are using explosive compounds to make exploding riflery targets, but there is only one safe way to do so. Many people who set out to make exploding targets often try to go with a cheap knock-off of Tannerite by mixing it themselves or buying it off the internet. Unfortunately, sometimes these decisions end up resulting in serious injuries or even death. Genuine Tannerite cannot be denotated by anything except by the impact of a high powered rifle round. That means it cannot be detonated by fire, electricity, or even a round from a relatively low impact firearm. The Tannerite binary explosive is a patented compound that is unlike any other explosive, it is incredibly safe to use when caution is exercised. Explosive targets can be bought in a pre-assembled form or can be made at home. It is easy to make at home provided the instructions are followed.

To make explosive targets from Tannerite at home it is important to follow the instructions and use the right measurements. To make an effective exploding target that will create a large explosion and a big plume of water vapor, it is important to mix the two components equally and include 1 tablespoon per pound of catalyst to the mixture. Simply pour this mix into a container (any old bottle or can will do) and duct tape it shut to keep the explosive powders from getting wet. Some marksmen like to use old chew or dip cans as containers because they are readily available and can be easily made into explosive targets with very little effort.

Using explosive targets is a fun alternative to traditional targets. Tannerite exploding targets add an extra element of satisfaction in successfully hitting the target and can offer an additional entertainment value. Obviously because of their loud nature, using Tannerite exploding targets is a great option for those who are in a rural area with plenty of space and not many people around so as not to harm others or disturb the peace.

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